Investment Package (6.5%) :-

The 25 actions you receive for 6.5% +gst:

  • We advertise the property for rent on 3 websites
  • As far as practical, looking after any legal issues that arise
  • Chattel depreciation report
  • Collection of bond
  • Collection of the rent and taking action for any late rent
  • Coordinating and inspecting of tenant maintenance
  • Credit check tenants prior to tenancy contract
  • Creditor account payments
  • Ensure tenant responsibilities for building repair and maintenance are upheld
  • GST reports for client and accountants (GST Returns can be completed if Property specific)
  • Hearing and working through any tenant issues
  • Inspection of premises on a regular basis
  • Inspection of the managed property with accompanying reports
  • Keeping current with all statutory requirements
  • Keeping current with expenses, ensuring the Owner is always provided with the best value for their dollar
  • Keeping current with market rents
  • Landlord building repairs and maintenance
  • Ensure tenant responsibilities for building repair and maintenance are upheld
  • Market appraisal on the value of the property if you decide to sell
  • Organising any landlord legally required repairs and payment
  • Pre-purchase, due diligence
  • Providing the legally required notice for Rent reviews and negotiation of rent
  • Reporting to client requirements
  • Tenancy statements and Landlord statements
  • We pay the landlord monthly or bi-monthly
  • Writing up of tenancy agreement on behalf of landlord

Gold Package (9%) :-

The 25 points in the Investment package
PLUS: We pay for your Insurance premium – This is what is covered:

  • Malicious Damage or Theft by the Tenants. (Up to $25,000)
  • Loss of Rents following the tenant vacating without giving the required notice. (Up to 6 weeks)
  • Loss of Rents due to the eviction of a tenant for non-payment of Rent. (Up to 14 weeks)
  • Loss of Rent due to the tenant refusing to vacate the property. (Up to 10 weeks)
  • Loss of Rent following death of the tenant (Up to 6 weeks)
  • Loss of Rent due to prevention of access. (Up to 8 weeks)
  • Legal Liability as a Landlord (Up to $1,000,000)
  • Loss of Rent due to manufacture, storage or distribution of ‘unlawful substances’ (P Lab) (Up to $25,000)

Platinum Package (11%) :-

Everything outlined in the Investment and Gold packages

PLUS: We guarantee your rent. (Conditions apply – please contact us)