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BBs., BProp (Hons) P: 0800 388883 E: jeff@brillmanagement.co.nz

Jeff Brill, the founder and Managing Director started selling and managing real estate in 1996. He holds 2 university degrees in the property field, held the number one spot for sales in Australasia for Remax in 2016 and has since authored a book on commercial property titled ‘The Sophisticated Property Investor’. Jeff manages several residential and commercial properties around Auckland since the late 1990’s. He has managed and Chaired the AGM for the North Shore Aeropark Country Estate since 2018 and has been appointed as a member of the Advisory board for commercial property to the government regulator, REA (Real Estate Authority). Jeff continues to manage a real estate team and manage residential/commercial properties through  2023.

What can Brill Management Ltd do for you?

Brill Management has a mission of setting you free from the workplace to help you retire early. We specialise in residential/commercial property management and portfolio building however if freedom is not on your agenda and we habitually increase the value of your property, please forgive us.